Welcome to DINKINESH!

At DINKINESH, our vision for the Afrofuture is rooted in an abundant history. Our boutique takes its name from a 3.2 million year old collection of human remains found in the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia. In Amharic, DINKINESH means “you are marvelous”. This divine ancestor inspired us to unearth contemporary treasures as part of our collection. With a culturally rich past and limitless present, our boutique provides tools to guide you into a stellar Afrofuture.

About Us

DINKINESH is a bounty of unique goods from Afrofuturist artists and creators. "There Are Black People In The Future" line was inspired by the billboard created by the artist Alisha Wormsley. Because we share the sentiment, we are donating 10% of the TABPITF proceeds to support the Detroit to the Diaspora program organized by Heidelberg Arts Leadership Academy (HALA). In the summer of 2020, HALA will bring 10 Detroit youth to Accra, Ghana as part of an extraordinary Diasporic cultural exchange. To learn more, please visit the Detroit to the Diaspora website.

DINKINESH logo by The Black School

DINKINESH wallpaper by Utē Petit

DINKINESH conceived by Ingrid LaFleur